Industry 4.0 Research Project
Roadmap Development for Enterprises

Nazarbayev University, School of Engineering and Digital Sciences
Industry 4.0 background

"Industry 4.0 is a new manufacturing paradigm that will change the landscape of the global industry. Implementation of this concept is expected to bring about improvements in manufacturing systems in terms of efficiency, sustainability and responsiveness to changes, blur geographical borders, further integrate customers into product development, enable mass customization and instill significant changes in workplaces. Like the preceding industrial revolutions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by advanced digital technologies will infiltrate into more foundational aspects of our lives, thereby enhancing its quality. Hence, taking proactive measures to harness the benefits of the novel industrial shift is of a major priority for any nation worldwide and in particular stakeholder".
Benefits of Industry 4.0 adoption:
The expected annual reduction of inventory levels
(c) Symantec
The increase in productivity and drop in maintenance costs
(c) Accenture
2 years
The approximate return time of Industry 4.0 investments
(c) The market mogul

2% to 3%
Increased competitiveness and additional revenues per year on average
(c) pwc
3.3% and 2.6%
Average efficiency increase and savings per year respectively
(c) pwc
10-30% and 50%
Reduce of energy costs and bringing down equipment downtime respectively
(c) CGI
About the project:
"Industry 4.0: Roadmap Development for Kazakhstan Enterprises" is a research project backed by Nazarbayev University. It includes a thorough analysis of drivers, barriers and other factors that influence the growth of firms in Kazakhstan and entails industry-wide collaboration with company representatives. As an output, the project will produce a complex assessment model of readiness to Industry 4.0 for Kazakhstan enterprises and recommendations for its improvement as a part of company-specific roadmap to facilitate the industrial development of Kazakhstan".
Project activities
Our project strives to:
Conduct a comprehensive analysis of Kazakhstan enterprises through the customized methodology and readiness assessment model;
Find out how companies can improve the performance by using digitalization resources, processes and projects;
Build an expert system based on research, knowledge and findings that will be integrated into online readiness self-assessment system apt to produce firm-specific recommendations, report and digitization roadmap.
Cooperating companies
Tilda Publishing
Partnership invitation statement
We cordially invite You to join us to be a partner for the "Industry 4.0: Roadmap Development for Kazakhstan Enterprises" project. Together with Your expert opinion and practical insight in Industry 4.0 we can make an impact on industrial development of our country. Our project is especially important for Your participation because it provides a unique opportunity to:

● Meet with experts from academia to discuss their initiatives towards digitization and Industry 4.0;
● Get reports on company's maturity level and detailed roadmap;
● Participate in seminars and trainings on the topic Industry 4.0;
● Establishing rapport and mutual goodwill with academia.
Contact us
Our research team
Dr. Ali Turkyilmaz
PI of the project
PhD from Industrial Engineering Associate Professor at NU Master of Engineering Management Program in SEDS
Professor Essam Shehab
Co-PI of this project
Ph.D. in manufacturing engineering Acting Head of the MAE Department, NU
RA Dinara Dikhanbayeva
Head Research Assistant of the project
Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (Eurasian National University); Masters degrees: 1."Urban Engineering and Habitat" (Lille, France); 2."Engineering Management"(Nazarbayev University)
RA Zhanybek Suleiman
Research Assistant of the project
Undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Master degree in Engineering Management
RA Sabit Shaikholla
Research Assistant of the project
Undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NU)
Master degree in Engineering Management
RA Akmaral Tokbergenova
Research Assistant of the project
Undergraduate degree in Computer Science (NU)
Master degree in Engineering Management
Contact information:
Feel free to contact us
Dinara Dikhanbayeva

Akmaral Tokbergenova
+7 702 820 11 95
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